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tv   The Big Picture With Thom Hartmann  RT  January 20, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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mike's concert for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into khan's report on r t. i think. they would like to do it. did you know the price is the only industry specifically mention in the constitution. that's because a free and open press is critical to our democracy shrek albus. but then again i'm tom hardy and on this show we reveal the picture of what's actually going on while we go beyond identifying a problem to try to rational debate a real discussion critical issues facing america have a number of them ready to join the movement then welcome to the big picture. or uncharted in washington d.c. and here's what's coming up tonight on the big picture. most americans think of
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martin luther king they think of the march on washington and the i have a dream speech but did you know that m.l.k. supported a universal basic income more on that in just a minute also brigade is just the tip of the iceberg you have to show the chris christie could be a major player in the growing koch brothers and i are the mainstream media even touch that story and if you hate your cable television package you're going to hate post net neutrality internet even more so you why tonight still a take. on how to dance or two to believe that people's everywhere can have three meals a day for the body as education then culture for them minds and dignity equality and freedom for their spirits i believe that rubs selve sent a man have to one down men of the senate can build up. i
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still believe that one day mankind will bow before the altars of god and big crown triumphant over war and bloodshed and nonviolent redemptive good will proclaim the room of the land. that was a clip from martin luther luther king jr is the nobel prize of peace prize acceptance speech in one hundred sixty four at the time came was fresh off one of his biggest victories the signing of the civil rights act earlier that year four years later he was dead today fifty years after king gave his nobel speech he has become part of the american heroes a single symbol of the struggle against racial justice but was the reverend dr martin luther king jr more than just a civil rights leader yes he was an anti-war activist a union organizer and a champion of democracy it's impossible to talk about war and inequality without talking about race and for king race was the jumping off point in
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a larger fight for the true ideals of the democratic republic joining me now for tonight's special martin luther king day annele are you know robinson ma attorney and project director for the ending the schoolhouse to jailhouse track campaign the advancement project brian miller executive director of united for a fair economy and hilary shelton director of the n.w. c.p.s. washington bureau it's great to have all of you with me tonight if you thanks for joining us. let's start out by talking about king himself and everybody knows about the i have a dream speech became more to him than just that it's peach. i'm curious but actually let me let me let me just jump right ahead to nine hundred sixty eight the year he died king wrote a letter to president johnson proposing an economic and social bill writes in that letter king demanded for all america is the right of every employer citizen to
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a decent job the right of every citizen to have a minimum income the right of a decent house and the free choice of neighborhood the right to an adequate education the right to participate in the decision making process the right to the full benefits of modern science and health care. this is this is the stuff that. you know if if if if president obama were to see this kind of stuff today they really would yell that he was a socialist i mean this is in fact dr king once referred to himself as a democratic socialist more than once and i'm just curious from each of you what you think about this. it's almost a reiteration of f.d.r.'s second bill of rights excepted it actually goes a little farther in your thoughts i'm sure well as they rode in on what you said about educational justice and i think when i think about the work that we're engaged in advancement project around the school to prison pipeline and making sure that all kids have an opportunity to be in school you know there's never been
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a more sense of urgency of now than today and i think you know what's inspiring is that we have a lot of movement around this issue now we've got to continue the legacy of making sure that all kids have access to the classroom and you know there's a lot of work to do but where we're getting there but at the same time it seems like with this movement to push for profit schools and school vouchers and privatizing schools and you know the do socially scam i'd say that bobby jindal is doing down in louisiana you know there there we had on this program we would the week before last. drive like i say many i'm one of the one of the guys running for america he was talking about how we're closing community and our closing schools around the city and it's like it's it's destroying neighborhoods closing schools i mean. are we and we've been backsliding since since the since the reagan era basically with regard to education you know i think we have seen
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a step backwards when it comes to the privatization of public education it's interesting that you mention the and i you know prior to coming to washington d.c. i lived in new orleans for ten years old and so i saw firsthand how some of the educational policies taking place down there the gutting of public education and really harmed communities and so it's definitely public education is. really what we need to be advocating for and not just public education but quality public education for off students there and back to that to that bill of rights brian the there's a there's a big economic piece to that to what mark. grover martin luther was talking and i think you know one of the thing there's a great quote by dr king you know what does it profit a man to eat or did integrated lunch counter if he doesn't have the money to buy a cup of coffee and a hamburger. and and he recognized in his life that once the civil rights victories were achieved the next great journey was to take on concentrated poverty was to
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take on inequality and was to push for this economic bill of rights. and that's part of the legacy that we try to to embody it united for a fair economy we're deeply committed to reigning in extreme inequality including the inequality drawn along the lines of race you know one of the things that dr king called for there was a term where he actually called for radical redistribution of economic power that that was the next great challenge and we never did that and so fifty years later. you know. black and latino families hold only thirteen cents and twelve cents of of net wealth to every dollar that white families hold in fifty seven cents in each median income every dollar of the white family median income is and so we store these vast experience and there's a quote we use in the report you know we integrated the lunch counters but we never asked the next question who owns that lunch counter and why but they were there actually i mean you speak as if nothing has happened. since the start or king was
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saying these things. lyndon johnson with the war on poverty. poverty almost in half in six years and there was there was some substantial progress that was made and when you look at black poverty and white party for that matter both dropped you know it wasn't just white folks it was you know it was. right across the board and you know. a a black middle class that have been kind of struggling to get off the ground since world war two since the integration of the military there have been one of the main routes just. came in to a large extent out of that but then reagan came along and just said enough you know and everything kind of came to a screeching halt and it seems like it could you look at the graphs and they they're going like this the nine hundred eighty and this is flat you know of income for example or for unemployment you know it's. is it isn't there something to be to be said for this the idea that you know clinton's you know we're going to end well
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for as we know it actually you know rolling back great society program where there was clinton or whether it was reagan or whether it was you know fill in the blanks that that we have we actually add something that worked and we blew it up before it had the opportunity to really succeed or was was the great society programs were those really not the right direction to go you know why i think there's a there's a piece in our report state of the dream twenty fourteen which is available at fair economy dot org slash dream section one of the really deal with that history what happened that led to reagan and the subsequent dismantling of the public's trust it was accurately characterized in interest and yet you know there was there weren't there were significant gains there were significant gains for the first few years the sixty's in the seventy's and then it slowed and there's a lot of reasons for that i mean a lot of folks talk with globalization and whatnot but one of the things we argue is that race played into race played a significant role because when whites were benefiting from the minimum wage when whites were benefiting from social security when whites were benefiting from the
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f.h.a. loan no one complained once the civil rights victories were achieved and people of color gained access to the same public investments that whites had long had that had built the white middle class suddenly those public investments became tainted suddenly reagan was able to use terms like welfare queen and was able to leverage this southern strategy. to turn many americans against the very government that had built that prosperity before and so race is one of the factors that. played into this historical trend what happened once reagan came in and once we started demonizing the government programs that are the foundation for economic prosperity and what we argue in united for a fair economy is that we need to come to terms with the way race was used in the past we need to move forward with an anti-racist agenda if we're going to build the kind of broad based movement for economic justice in this country that we so desperately apropos of that hillary the president was quoted in a piece that was just published yesterday or today. speaking about
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about how there are some folks who just don't like the idea of there being a black president many just kind of came out and said it i don't i i haven't read the whole piece i've just read you know news stories about it i haven't had an opportunity get to it but you know what i'm talking about i do it and you know to. to what extent is that you know that could it be that what brian was just saying you know once once those benefits start occurring to black folks that those that same thing that the president's talking about you know it's like. i've never in my lifetime seen the kind of vitriol thrown at a president of the united states until we had a black man in the white house you know is strongly view that if we go back and look at a number of things that were one of the this white house does not like to talk about they don't like to see anything that distracts from their agenda the things that they're trying to get done and of course there's a tendency for many of the movements against what they're trying to achieve to come
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up in the form of race that example most people don't remember that when the president won the nomination of his party in denver colorado mile high stadium that as they were preparing for his big acceptance speech outdoors in the stadium there were a group of members of a hate group in out in out of color. coming into denver a car full of guns and ammunition and all the weapons with the expressed intent of accept assassinating this man that they were fearful of this guy's head nor is it more set they've broken up more actual genuine assassination attempts against this president than any before they don't you know it's like they don't want to talk about of the press because they don't want to encourage others but it's there's that part of it and it's always a distraction if you if you try to help the american people understand what we do about the economy then having to have a conversation about hate groups and hate crimes in this thread is a distraction and then we have to bring race and if we have to pick this up just to
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say and i want to get back to this point right after this more of tonight's special martin luther king day and read a book. i got a quote for you with a pretty tough. stay with substory. let's give this guy what would smear about john stead of working for the people most issues the mainstream media were pretty chummy bridegrooms vision. problems. they did rather it was. were. a piece of. it was terrible a. very hard to take. once again here is a lie that he had had sex with her thick hair nothing's. going to.
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stick. with. please please. please
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. back with me for tonight's special martin luther king day panel our thena robinson mock brian miller and horace shelton but then let's get back to it hillary we were talking about the overlay of race and economic equality and and what it is it really not almost a matter of class as well as race it is but there's a convolution that occurs as well example. i go back to phil donahue days my ex-wife for good reason. phil donahue sent a camera crew down into mississippi poor sections trailer parks that whole bit this is about the same ronald reagan was talking about. welfare queens and the like in the early eighty's early eighty's who goes into real poor area and what not not
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even sidewalks there is a slightly overweight white woman sitting in kind of a house stress on the porch of this trailer and they ask her how she feels about welfare programs and she starts waxing about how african-americans are are so lazy and that they'll have children to increase their welfare benefits and all of these kind of things and this is the biggest problem society has well here's what she didn't see your did and what she didn't talk about is that she was a single mother with five children and no job and solely dependent on those same welfare benefits that she was going after white women black women that she didn't even know in essence somehow the race creates a real problem in really assessing what's going on it clouds our vision in a way that we don't see how helpful these programs are i would put in. every year i
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do a legislative report card based on how members of congress vote on issues that are important to the african-american community the african-american community. this disproportionately poor report goes on the show those issues of what no surprise there either however when we look at these only look at how these issues of free white americans as well when you have those who would support extremists senators from mississippi alabama and other states and what not opposed to same programs that we're putting forward except in this day and age there is no such thing as a bill that only helps african-americans is going to be very much a class and so that is if we're talking about repairing our nation's schools our public schools that's not just for african-americans it will be illegal to do that the same programs the supports that would help african-americans help poor white americans as well as we talk about working on issues like health care you know disproportionately african-americans are uninsured however large numbers of white
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americans that equinix these those numbers of african-americans are uninsured as well but somehow in these states they're able to convince these poor white americans that they should oppose these programs if they hold up an end flag in that process everybody feels good about a poll was in place to be on these measures there is a visceral response that occurs it is reactionary and incredible that in this day and age people are looking closer at what these programs actually what they were before that's something that dr king clearly understood as he gave the speech that particularly as he moved towards the one nine hundred sixty eight and assassination and that's and that's that speaks to racism. that is just part of the air we breathe it's our it's part of the it's so much the history of america that probably a lot of white folks would. not even think of themselves as racist and be going along with those names is it possible though that what brian was describing in the
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last segment where. when. you know when we started welfare programs. or you can go back to the p.a. in the c.c.c. you know there were certain programs that were benefiting white people who are hurting and then once those programs started not you know white people didn't need them so much and they started principally benefiting after americans or people of color all of a sudden you know the white folks saw all this so they were popular right now absolute of being that. six years now into you know this great bush recession that we're hitting a critical mass where enough white people are hurting that demagoguing those issues like you know the republican governors love to do is going to work anymore. and that's where the what where when the white folks i'm curious all three of us but let me begin by saying if you look at things like sandy hook it's a whole different set of issues the newest gun violence in our country we know that
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disproportionately african-americans have big gun violence we talk about chicago talk bus and if you assume that in some cases if you see that this gun violence isn't just limited to a particular community and neighborhood or particular group of people but it's much larger than maybe a mere one in one thousand nine hundred ninety five we passed the brady handgun bill and on to pass the assault weapons ban were very helpful in those things done we saw there was affecting everyone twenty two thousand people you were dying of gun violence was costing the nation's hundreds of billions of dollars a year just to take care of those who are fifth with gun violence not to mention the residual effect of some reason this time i think things are changing a bit this time we watched a little white children being shot to death in a classroom even at the columbine virginia tech and others for some reason that greed factor was so powerful that nothing got done. there was not one move in the right direction to address as
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a one move their bills that were introduced on capitol hill i give the president a lot of credit for actually staging his state of the union address right around tried to pass some gun safety legislation i credit the the congress those members of congress who were supportive of bringing in those families and even victims of gun violence from their own communities in all states but even with that. well it's a real it's an audience of them to the power of a multibillion dollar industry which is what the weapons industry is into you know tragically but thena your thoughts on. how the different times that i mean the kind of the cycles that we go through in this country have might have influenced the ability to produce actual social change outside of the context of yeah i mean it's interesting you know i think within the for me the education and the incarceration context that's where we see a lot of need for change and when we look at those two key issues i think those cut across racial lines but there is there is an urgency that we need to deal with
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issues such as mass incarceration such as school pushout i mean if young people are not gaining access to quality education you know it hurts society as a whole same with with massive part three those two issues are very interconnected and we just we just showed on the screen some of these statistics black offenders receive sentences that are ten percent longer than white offenders or people of color thirty percent of population sixty percent of prison population one in three black men can expect a prison know what this is you know in the in the richest country in the world it is brian there's a there's a dysfunctional economy here. yet and i think there's you know picking up on an earlier point that you're making there's a reverend barber written when barbour wrote the forward for a new state of the dream report and there's this great line where he talks about you know the greatest myth that we have is that these extremist policies hurt a small segment of people people of color when the reality is they heard all all of the same is as as we've been saying you know. people are hurt when these public
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programs are under attack but race has been used as a tool to attack them and i think that's the challenge is to figure out. and to to get past the way in which race has been used is not that the power programs became unpopular once people of color gained access to them it's the. that folks with a political agenda used the fact that people of color gained access to it as a way to demonize well it was using a political tool from from nixon southern strategy to ronald reagan after he was nominated for it to officially the republican nominee the first speech that he gave of his campaign was in philadelphia mississippi and you know where three civil rights workers were murdered and and you know back then it was subtle and dog whistle i guess you know i i think for people who knew what was going on it wasn't all that subtle. but. what do we do to get. past that you know do we have to to to achieve
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a society where and and by the way it seems like it's. particular to ask you and it's not just racial disparities women earn seventy three cents on every dollar and black women are relative to black men or relative to white men same problem only worse i mean what we're going with this i think we have to understand that our fate is all tied together you know one of the things that i love about dr king letter from a birmingham jail is that he understood that that that connection between injustice so the famous quote injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere and he understood that whatever affects one affects the other and i think we have to understand how all of these policies have an adverse impact on various communities and we have to be committed to working on those issues we have to make sure that we're moving in advancing forward in the three minutes or so we have left i'm curious all of your thoughts on the disneyfication of martin luther king it seems to me at least in mass
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media he has been made acceptable he's been made friendly you know they don't talk about his you know the f.b.i. and what they did to him they don't talk about his outspoken statements on war and peace is his is clear condemnations of raw capitalism anybody want to speak to this. one and i think it's important that everyone have an access route to dr king at many different levels our children should have access from to those values that dr king exposed was so important to them but every level as well but we can't let allow that to whitewash dr king's the full human being the values that the experiments were really judio christian values because far beyond everything else dr king was a baptist preacher so when we talk about the uses we're discussing now they really do the way down into little scriptures of feeding the hungry clothing the naked housing the homeless out there. for the sick freak in the press it all speaks to
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those very specific issues so i think it's important we dig in along those lines as well because it's amazing this we talk about these deep rooted judeo christian values this something like the christian right way would actually attack those same values and try to turn it into something else in the realities of health care reform the realities of education reform the realities of economic reform all deeply rooted in those very same principles that we have to continue lift up with dr king and make sure that everyone who goes where they come from have access to those values and understand brian they think that's going to happen you know i have to hope so and i think there are movements in reference to reverend barber in north carolina who's been leading the moral mondays and i think there is some inspiration from places like that where we see the injection of the fact that these are not just economic questions economic questions have moral implications political questions have moral implications these are questions of fundamental right and wrong and there's a quote that we use in our state of the dream report from dr king you know is sort
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of the touchstone you know of all forms of inequality injustice in healthcare is the most shocking in inhumane you know and you can eat dr king focus that lives on a lot of things he understood that these were moral issues and that we need to approach them as such in the was half minute or so i'm inspired by young people such as the dream defenders who are really taking on dr king's legacy and who are really seeing dr king's work as an access point for further into this so i'm happy to hear us talk about the more radical elements of his work because i think young people are now waking and realizing that we are aligned on a lot of the issues yeah. you know it's almost like we had a thirty year amnesia and we're waking up from so it's a good thing it's a good thing thank you all for being here so much as an example right here with you very it's. coming up tomorrow new jersey governor chris christie is going to be officially inaugurated into his second term as governor of the garden state despite . the host of scandal surrounding him that's great news for america's billionaire
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investor good reporter greg palast will tell us why after the break. we welcome aaron eight and abby martin to be terrific hosts on the r t network. it's going to give you a different perspective give me one stock tip never i'll give you the information you make the decision don't worry about how breaking the said we're the revolution of the mind it's a revolution of ideas and consciousness frustrated with the system extremely your politics would be described as angry i think in a strong enough under single. dramas that truth be ignored to the. stories others to refuse to notice. the faces changing the world lights never.
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filled picture of today's leaves. from around the globe. look to. me. and. i would rather ask questions to people in positions of power instead of speaking on their behalf and that's why you can find my show larry king now right here on r.t. question for.
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i think. i'm. going to go did you know the price is the only industry specifically mention in the constitution and. that's because a free and open press is critical to our democracy schreck. never go on i'm sorry and on this show we reveal the picture of what's actually going on will we go beyond identifying a problem to try to rational debate a real discussion critical issues facing america are you ready to join the movement and welcome the big. welcome back to the big picture i'm tom arbonne coming up in this half hour
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allegations that his administration refused to give hoboken new jersey disaster relief lasts that city's mayor okayed a development project of chris christie on the defensive but couldn't another scandal be lurking just around the corner all asked investigative journalist greg palast just also a record number of americans now identify themselves as liberal is this just a blip on the demographic radar or a sign that we're parked we're about to enter a new progressive era and thanks to the d.c. circuit court of appeals the internet could start looking a lot more like your cable t.v. package tell you why in tonight's deleted. chris christie is rude it's been a rough few creaks for the new jersey governor first news broke that some of his aides allegedly unleashed a traffic nightmare on the citizens of fort lee new jersey as part of a political vendetta. against that city's mayor then news broke that christie was
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being investigated on the federal level for misusing hurricane sandy relief money by funding a quasi political ad featuring his family now there are fresh allegations that christie's administration threatened to withhold hurricane sandy relief money from the town of hoboken new jersey if that city's democratic mayor didn't approve a new city project this weekend hoboken mayor dawn zimmer took to the airwaves and said that christie's lieutenant governor kim guadagno had approached her in the summer of two thousand and thirteen implied that hoboken would only get relief money if a new city project was approved while these stories might be getting all the attention from the mainstream media right now there are plenty of other skeletons in chris christie's closet joining me now to talk about a few of those skeletons as greg palast investigative reporter with b.b.c. news and the guardian and author of the new york times bestseller billionaires and band and ballad bandits how to steal an election in one easy steps greg welcome
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back. glad to be with you tom it's always great to see you so what is the committee for our children's future and what role did they play in helping christie in two thousand and twelve. move that's what i'd like to know committee for our children's future put six million dollars into saying that chris christie had performed more miracles than jesus did at that wedding. now when the new york times investigated chris christie's office indicated that it was just a bunch of old college chums of of christie that put up this money but no one explained how these working class guy and these middle class guys got six million dollars to promote governor christie but as soon as i heard the phrase children's future committee for our children's future i knew it wasn't started in new jersey by christie's chums i went back into my old files almost twenty years old and found out that campaign for our children's future was started by david and charles koch
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it was a front organization used to funnel money at that time illegally from koch industries to republican candidates it was shut down after senate investigators realized it was being used as a money laundering operation to help their political buddies this six million dollars spent by the newly resurrected children's future happened to come the same week that david koch announced that he was pushing chris christie for president it also happened at the same time that that children's future was represented by a group called black rock black rock is the organization which also is the sole spokes person for a group called restore our future and one of the main funders of restore our future is bill koch the third koch brother this all happened after. secret meetings which
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were never never shown on christie's schedule between david koch and chris christie and charles and david koch one in manhattan one meeting manhattan one meeting in vail colorado these are not on his schedule why is this important because tom if christie is secretly coordinated. consulting giving any hints or working at all with the coax and a so-called independent committee to spend six million dollars remote him and blowed up his political career that's still against the law citizens united or not that's still the last remaining law that chris christie may have figured out how to break that's why we need a subpoena on the big boys on the billionaires around chris christie. that's that's that's astounding. first of all of the if these meetings were not on the governor's schedule how did you find out that he was hanging out with the cokes. well if you
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understand i was working with the f.b.i. about seventeen years ago hunting down the cokes i didn't even know who they were then i wrote an article called the billionaires the richest guys you've never heard of so i've been keeping files on them for about seventeen years and that's how i found committee for our children's future i trace this back with the help of the great reporter brad friedman who got the tapes out of the the secret tapes out of the meeting out of vail colorado there was a mention in the tape by david koch of a private meeting with chris christie and now the interesting thing is that wasn't on mr christie schedule he also had a meeting at the manhattan institute with another billionaire known as paul vulture singer the vulture also is a big fan of christie's and put money into restore our future we need to know if these billionaires are pulling their old trick of using children's future as a as an illegal front for putting money behind
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a candidate in coordination with the candy it's very much a kind of coke trip you know david koch is a bit like moriarty and he's got to let you know that he's being a bad boy so using the name of his old organization which is found to be conducting illegal activities it's kind of like a wink wink like i'm still. here look out and i've got i've got a big checkbook behind me or do you know for a fact that this new c.c.f. is the same as the old one or has the same i mean how do you know that it actually is the coke money as opposed to p. peterson or some some other billionaire yeah well this is what this is why we need subpoenas on more than traffic cones because all we know is this secret meetings with david and charles koch know what is in the room except for chris christie and the cokes suddenly they're six million dollars by guys who don't have six million dollars using
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a front door going to zation which was in fact started by the koch seventeen years ago is this is same is that this mean that their money was actually handed to them by the koch brothers we can't find out because committee for our children's future is under the tax laws technically a social welfare charity it's a five one find out who put the money behind them or it's a five a one c four and so they can't we can't find out all we know it's the same week that coke is the three koch brothers remember that there are three that you have to keep an eye on charles david and billy you got three koch brothers pushing this billionaires club which is pushing christie that's so why it is so why six million dollars spent why it why it why i don't believe there's no said paul singer to why why do the billionaires like chris christie what is it about him that causes them to want to pour money into his campaign. two words carried interest there's a special billionaires tax loophole called carried interest paul vulture singer picked up one point three billion dollars on a hit on the u.s.
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treasury that he sucked out of the auto bailout funds the koch's have also made massive amounts of money which is subject to which in which they can hide their earnings through carried interest and so you have a bunch of billionaires very few people have access to this tax loophole yet you're saying it's wrong all your income carried interest instead of income or instead of dividends that it's taxed at a different rate than if it was like you or me getting a paycheck. exactly but almost there's very few people on this in america that can access this and they have saved billions of dollars obama was threatening to close this loophole chris christie has said in the secret tape that he would not permit a so-called tax on millionaires the words that they want to hear also understand that the cokes have a direct interest in the xcel pipeline not as owners but as the recipients of the oil that the pipeline would terminate at their corpus christi refinery so they're
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very concerned about the xcel pipeline and they're very concerned the koch's are very concerned about killing off the whole debate about global warming warming and so chris christie just before just after meeting with david koch but just before meeting with charles koch in vail in between those two coke meetings chris christie shockingly pulls the state of new jersey out of the regional greenhouse gas pack and the words he's actually doing the one thing in new jersey could do to reduce greenhouse gas emissions between the two meetings with the brothers koch and after that and suddenly get six million dollars from an organization which by name they had started many years earlier it sounds to coordinated there's too many coincidences here and if it's not just a coincidence it's more than a coincidence then it's a violation of federal law yeah that's remarkable that regional pact was the pact
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were all the states got together and said if all of the rest of you states reduce your emissions then we will too if i'm remembering right that's right and it was and was actually you know here we have chris christie running around with the president of the united states during hurricane sandy in the aftermath looking at the damage created by climate disaster and yet there's nothing said about the fact that after meeting with david koch he suddenly pulls the state in new jersey out of the climate pat that's done. and then right after that he's rewarded by david koch come on yeah very very interesting as always greg palast thanks so much for being with us greg. you very well. crazy sex. really if you're a fan of such
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a badass ripping classic says taken by t. rex taken by the parrot act old or in the philosopher raptors nest and other tales of sex it's a publisher's description not mine then your unlike other virginia wade has found the missing link between traditional erotica and prehistoric erotica bigfoot a rock yes it exists since two thousand and eleven wade has sold thousands of copies of her sixteen different sasquatch sex adventures. now all bundled together in a five volume for big foot and biology plots all sort of blend in the one girl goes in the woods girl gets lost in the woods big foot tried finds girl for tribe and girls well you get the idea i will join the too many details but if waves novels are any indication. they say about people with big feet well definitely true they do wear big socks. coming up can you imagine paying five dollars
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a month to use google about ten dollars a month to watch a viral you tube as ridiculous as the sounds it may be a reality in america soon i'll explain why in today's daily take. dramas that can be ignored to. stories others who refuse to notice. faces change the world. through pictures. today you know. from around the globe. locally.
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in the best of the rest of the news america is going liberal a recent poll released by gallup reveals that a record number of americans now identify themselves as liberals twenty three percent of americans now call themselves liberals which is the highest percentage since gallup began taking them all i can one thousand nine hundred two and forty three percent of democrats say they are liberal almost a fifty percent increase from two thousand so why are more and more democrats identifying themselves as liberal and what role is the millennium generation plain in this transformation joining me now for more on that as
7:46 pm
a team omar president of the young democrats of america team welcome to the program thanks for having me don thanks for joining us young democrats over i know i it's been decades since. i've been to either young democrats or young republicans meeting voted since great that it's still going along tell me tell me about the state of young democrats well democrats and their average eighty one years tom and so what's really great about this in organization is that we really are starting to represent. a whole like current between the ages of eighteen to thirty six. thirty six is where they kind of is the cutoff for. a little bit after or just in the middle of college so the added to them sort of you know certainly millennial is how they have been studied definitely reflected in how our organization is feeling about politics and sort of our political views and so we're definitely seeing a very strong progressivism type activism and service you know more and more in our
7:47 pm
organization and so do you think that. i mean we saw i lived through that cycle in so. i think you know that cycle kind of happened in the in the late thirty's. it seems like every thirty years or so it just kind of comes around but we also have economic cycles that seem to go like that too that's it do you think that the progressivism of the millennium is coming out of the fact that the excesses of the new generations prior to them or at least the economic activity prior to them coming coming of age yeah cause them to inherited an economic disaster or do you think it's just that's who the bologna holes are now they're going to do something about the super bowl you know what i think it's kind of two both things i think one it is coming of age when you know you thought the time you got out of college that was kind of a guaranteed least a good career at least a great job that paid you well much like your parents and your grandparents but we
7:48 pm
now know that's not true unemployment is double with young people and so our concerns are about raising the minimum wage making sure that health care is a right for everyone you know it's also tempered by the fact that we are a generation that was born you know a product of you know the civil rights generation movement the women's rights movement the environmental movement and so you know they said just recently i read in a poll that women under the age of thirty identify as fabulous by at least twenty two percent i'm just higher than any other generation prior so you know we're picking up we're so we benefit we're certainly benefactors you know that previously with before us and we're also shaped by what's happening to us economically you know the the economy really stinks right now yeah and you know particularly for young people getting out of college with so often massive amounts of debt or or getting out of high school and just looking for entry level jobs and finding themselves in some
7:49 pm
cases competing with people who have college degrees even for a job that donal's yeah. to what extent is that changing the political landscape in . yeah i think how it's changing the political landscape is that dung people are and it's been sad and i certainly feel the sentiment amongst folks that i work with of my they were less trusting of banks were a little suspicious of institutions because we know that that's sort of what led to the economic downfall and we do believe that government should try and be a regulator of a lot of those institutions a little frustrated with the political process but we do believe that being active and getting involved in our communities will make a difference we've had thirty to thirty three years now over again is that if you think that there's at any point we're going to see a rejection of that let's go back to f.d.r. kind of economics you know it's interesting i mean there's always sort of
7:50 pm
interesting discussions about that i feel like with people were definitely interested in everybody having a fair shot at economic opportunity and you know a lot of the action political that's happening in states the movement around raising the minimum wage a lot of people are the leaders of that and i think that will also affect workplace discrimination and other issues labor to that thank you so much for being with us tonight thanks for your meeting think of the great work thank you. it's the good the bad of the very very awesome or goggle lee ugly the good wife pamela rain tree the shreveport louisiana resident is drawing praise all around the country today for how she stood up to the bigots on hometown's city council for a recent hearing on whether or not to repeal shreveport new anti-discrimination law
7:51 pm
braintree who is transgender called out councilman rodwell for supporting the fuel efforts. to predict. twenty thirteen stay if a man also lie with mankind as he will i am with a woman. they shall surely put him to death. i brought the first stone mr wales. in case your bible probably isn't just a smokescreen for personal prejudices thanks to the hard work of pamela and other activists true ports anti-discrimination law was upheld in the end bigotry was no match for fiction and justice bad representative mike rogers story an appearance on n.b.c.'s meet the press yesterday the michigan congressman and i say fan boy went off on edward snowden accusing him of having ties to foreign intelligence agencies. let me just say this i believe there's
7:52 pm
a reason he ended up in the hands of the loving arms of an f.s.b. agent in moscow i don't think that's a coincidence number one number two in let me just talk about this the russians. i believe there's questions to be answered there i don't think it's it was a gee whiz luck event that he ended up in moscow under the handling of the f.s.b. that's a significant it's amazing that establishment politicians like congressman rogers are still trying to paint knode as the bad guy i guess when you've lost the battle for public opinion the only thing left to do is to resort to ad hominum attacks and smear campaign. and they are a very ugly chris mcdaniel and this is that the senate candidates past just keeps coming back to haunt you back in october it was revealed about daniel spoke at a number of neo confederate conferences in this home state and now the magazine mother jones is on earth a clip of him complaining about the lack of muslim villains in popular culture in a broadcast of his old radio show check it out. you're spot on the movie except for
7:53 pm
trick of self might be a company ok screw yourself lately there's one person. out of work. one group that should not be correct to say the muslims. are way to some russian why should. which seemed that. they just disappeared and it was radar i know of movies or t.v. shows when dan i was watching but the last time i checked the stereotypical muslim terrorists are all over the place culture ever heard of twenty four homeland zero dark thirty look hollywood stereotyping of middle eastern and muslim men is as evil terrorists is bad enough but the fact that someone could actually want or racial caricature that's very fair with.
7:54 pm
let's talk about a world without net neutrality last tuesday the d.c. circuit court of appeals struck down the f.c.c. open internet order the legal framework that was supposed to protect net neutrality and while many tragedies sounds complicated it's really not basically the idea behind it is that big internet service providers are going to bring it into your house comcast arisan eighty should all should have a treat all websites and all internet users the same and should not be allowed to promote some for its forms of content over others for example the net neutrality rules in place comcast wouldn't be able to slow down your access or charge more for you to access for example yes p.n. dot com just because they wanted comcast wanted to use to use a sports news website that they have an owner operator but thanks to the d.c. circuit court's ruling internet service providers like comcast are well on their
7:55 pm
way to being able to discriminate between websites and make the owners of competitor websites pay more money to run their websites at higher speeds for reaching american consumers so what will the end of net neutrality mean for you the consumer. back in two thousand and nine reddit user quink created a graphic detail on what internet prices might look like without net neutrality since last week's court ruling that graphic has gone viral and it does a great job detail in a world without a world without net neutrality graphic talks about a fictional internet service provider in telco with telco in a world without net neutrality you get basic internet service for twenty nine ninety five a month but good luck finding any websites you can access for that plan that's because in a world without net neutrality internet service providers will be able to package websites like cable providers to t.v. channels for example if you're a search engine user they love to look up things on google been or yahoo being or
7:56 pm
yahoo and telco could charge you an extra five bucks a month for access or one of your real news junky and like taking in the news from a global perspective to tell go and charge another five dollars for access to international news websites like the b.b.c. . you don't think that you don't think the telco will give you access to u.s. based news for free no it wants you to pay another five dollars a month for access to american news websites like c.n.n. and the huffington post the new york times so say you don't read the news now you want to watch the latest viral you tube it or an episode of your favorite t.v. show on netflix to do either of those things are going to pay telco an extra ten to fifteen dollars a month finally so let's say you're big on line shopper you live for those cyber monday deals before christmas every year if you want to access to sites like amazon e bay or overstock dot com pay telco now the five dollars a month you can easily see how costs add up in a not i don't world without net neutrality suddenly you're forced to choose between
7:57 pm
having access to internet search engines or having access to news on the internet if net neutrality rules stay off the books for good. internet service providers like comcast of arisan will be able to turn even the most basic of things that you and i do right now and take for granted on the internet into cash cows you're looking up the weather reading the news shopping online all those things will become profit opportunities for verizon or comcast right now it's unclear if the f.c.c. has plans to appeal last week's decision let's help the f.c.c. is decision a lot may make that decision a lot easier than stand up for free and open internet for all go to net and sign the petition. and that's the way it is tonight monday january twentieth twenty fourteen and don't forget democracy begins when you get out there get out to tag.
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my married name join me. for impartial and financial reporting commentary and for news and much much. only on bombast and only on.
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it's a little. pleasure to have you with us here on our t.v. today i roll researcher.
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coming up on our t.v. hundreds of airport workers gathered for a huge protest at new york's la guardia airport that amended better pay and health benefits but those ambitions were grounded what police arrested demonstrators by the dozens the latest on this rally up ahead coming up here on the a little bit later president obama tells us how he wants to change n.s.a. surveillance what are the proposed reforms anough to silence critics the latest ahead and iran suspends part of its nuclear program in exchange for sanctions relief could this temporary deal pave the way for a future truce more of these developments coming up later in tonight's show.


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